Our server is for programers and designers!

We position our server as a nice place where you can finally get away from your work.

lots of fun, for adults, friendly atmoshere, absolutly free of charge, uptime 97%, 24/7, ENG, international

Tell your boss you're about to do something important for the company and come on in. You'll get your paycheck for this month anyway, you know that. Ha ha ha

Actually playing on our server is like meditating. You let your brain rest, which will benefit your work. Make your dream garden… Or start your own city. (Right now we have 3 cities).

The game is a 3D editor where you can make your dreams come true block by block.

We have a great server to take your mind off work! Take a look at other players' buildings and get inspired!

A few reasons to start playing now: Here you can:

  • Build your own perosnal nuclar reactor
  • Found your own digital city
  • Only here you can have laser blaster that makes 8meters-long holes
  • Write and sell your own book here
  • Trains. Trains. Trains. Make huge net
  • Read server plans

also we have the server map:

Our game has an age restriction. And our server is for IT professionals like programmers or designers. But you can join too even if your profession is different! The game is not necessarily as simple as it may seem. You can make beautiful buildings, which is relatively easy but you can also write code in lua, make complicated logical devices and mechanisms.

Main features:

  • 109 avalable pages of objects of design
  • Tons of mods
  • Trains!

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Join us !!!

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